Good stuff, sweet stuff, cool stuff, etc.

I made a good amount of special cakes this year and I have a few more to do and I’m just loving and enjoying it. As you know, I’m the baker, assistant, decorator, all rolled into one. That’s why I try to do only 3 wedding cakes a year because the whole process is very laborious. Of course, I enjoy every moment of it. Most weddings are held during the summertime and that’s why my cake decorating classes are held on weeknights so I can accommodate my wedding cake orders. Then I go back to Monday-Saturday classes in the Fall. Here are  pictures of the special birthday and wedding cakes I’ve made this year.

Then for a break, our whole family went on a road trip to Calgary the 3rd week of August to attend a very special girl, Bianca Miranda’s’s 18th birthday party. Bianca’s is my sister-in-law’s niece and I treat her as my adopted niece now. I made her special “Hollywood” theme cake. We love visiting Canada. That’s what’s awesome about living in Washington state. Whenever there’s a good weekend break, we can easily drive up north and cross the border. To buy siopao, visit relatives and friends, to take friends and relatives on a tour of our neighbor country, to get a abreak from cabin fever, or just to while away the weekend, whatever the reason, it’s always a wonderful chance to drive up. When it’s time to come back, as soon as we get past the border, there is that sense of security and it feels good that we’re back home. See Bianca’s Hollywood 18th-birthday cake in the photo gallery.


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