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Fundraising Update

It’s great to know a lot of people have read my recent post and prayed for Zac’s recovery. I’ve had 4 orders in less than an hour after I sent the email with a link to this blog.

This week, I delivered the 4 orders, all towards the fundraising for Zac and Jen. I have 3 more orders to fill in the next 3 weeks.

We did a mini-fund raising in our office. Normally, people bring free treats to work. This time, we started the week with my cupcakes, then the next day another coworker brought treats, and then the following day, another person. We put the treats in the kitchen and right next to the treats, we put a little container. We asked for donation in exchange for the treats. At the end of the week, we were all surprised at how much we have collected. Some people even got really generous. We will continue to do this and planned a pot luck lunch at the end of the month where, instead of going downstairs for lunch, people pay an amount for a “buffet” lunch. We hope to collect a good amount that day.

To everyone who donated and those who prayed, thank you all so much! God is great!


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