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I made a good amount of special cakes this year and I have a few more to do and I’m just loving and enjoying it. As you know, I’m the baker, assistant, decorator, all rolled into one. That’s why I try to do only 3 wedding cakes a year because the whole process is very laborious. Of course, I enjoy every moment of it. Most weddings are held during the summertime and that’s why my cake decorating classes are held on weeknights so I can accommodate my wedding cake orders. Then I go back to Monday-Saturday classes in the Fall. Here are  pictures of the special birthday and wedding cakes I’ve made this year.

Then for a break, our whole family went on a road trip to Calgary the 3rd week of August to attend a very special girl, Bianca Miranda’s’s 18th birthday party. Bianca’s is my sister-in-law’s niece and I treat her as my adopted niece now. I made her special “Hollywood” theme cake. We love visiting Canada. That’s what’s awesome about living in Washington state. Whenever there’s a good weekend break, we can easily drive up north and cross the border. To buy siopao, visit relatives and friends, to take friends and relatives on a tour of our neighbor country, to get a abreak from cabin fever, or just to while away the weekend, whatever the reason, it’s always a wonderful chance to drive up. When it’s time to come back, as soon as we get past the border, there is that sense of security and it feels good that we’re back home. See Bianca’s Hollywood 18th-birthday cake in the photo gallery.


Final Update

I checked in with Jen to see how Zac is doing. It has been a week since his surgery to put back the bone in the skull. According to Jen, Zac is doing well, the swelling has gone down, and the dizziness has subsided. Thank you God! It is now a matter of retraining the brain. Long road to recovery but I believe that Zac is a fighter. He will get there, in God’s time, he’ll be back to normal.

Thank you to all of you who prayed with me. Zac’s battle is not quite done. He will have lots of bridges to cross before he gets to his goal. Just like his most loved sports, soccer, there will be many games where the team can’t make the goal. But it doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Players continue to fight until victory is achieved.

I will continue praying. I hope you do too. Thank you.

Friend in Need Update

I recently heard from my friend Jen about Zac’s condition. He is doing very well with his recovery at home. He will have another surgery for the doctors to put the bone back into his skull the later part of this month. So let’s all pray for that. Otherwise, everything is good.

Jen thanks all of us for all the donations, the well wishes and most of all, the prayers. Let’s continue praying for fast recovery and healing.

So thank you all so much for all your support and prayers.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read (and finished) a good book. Thanks to the recommendation of my friend and co-worker, Caitlin (and also for lending me Books 1 – 3), I finally finished Book 1.

I’ve been extremely busy for the last 5 years that I have not touched a book the whole entire time. I have attempted to read Twilight but ran out of time with my local library and had to return the book.

With The Hunger Games, I really had to plan and manage my time so that I’d be able to finish it. It took several weeks but I did it. My family went to Taholah beach  just this last Saturday and that’s when I planned to finish the book. However, I got to one of the most exciting parts where one of the characters die and I could not go on reading. I was so sad and affected. I’ve been so attached to the story that when I got to that part, I can’t believe I could not go on. I had to put the book down. Caitlin reminded me that it only gets better after that. So the following day, I continued to read and finally finished.

This book is so good you don’t want to stop reading it. I’ve also been watching the trailer and new scenes keep popping up on the Internet. That’s why I’m so happy that I’m done so I can watch all these scenes in the upcoming movie. I can’t wait for the movie!

Great job Suzanne Collins.

We planned a potluck for the end of June as sort of culmination to the Zac’s rehab fundraising. I am happy to announce that, our firm paid for the cover charge ($5 per person). AND, in addition, added an undisclosed amount to Zac’s rehab fund.  We had a feast! Lots and lots of food. Thank you to everyone who participated by bringing dishes and to all who came and enjoyed the feast.  It does have a great feeling knowing that you are surrounded by people who care.

Fundraising Update

It’s great to know a lot of people have read my recent post and prayed for Zac’s recovery. I’ve had 4 orders in less than an hour after I sent the email with a link to this blog.

This week, I delivered the 4 orders, all towards the fundraising for Zac and Jen. I have 3 more orders to fill in the next 3 weeks.

We did a mini-fund raising in our office. Normally, people bring free treats to work. This time, we started the week with my cupcakes, then the next day another coworker brought treats, and then the following day, another person. We put the treats in the kitchen and right next to the treats, we put a little container. We asked for donation in exchange for the treats. At the end of the week, we were all surprised at how much we have collected. Some people even got really generous. We will continue to do this and planned a pot luck lunch at the end of the month where, instead of going downstairs for lunch, people pay an amount for a “buffet” lunch. We hope to collect a good amount that day.

To everyone who donated and those who prayed, thank you all so much! God is great!

A co-worker/friend, Jennifer, went to a long-deserved vacation in Europe, one she was looking forward to for a long time. Just a few days into her vacation, her eldest son, Zaccari Espinoza,  suffered a major injury while playing rugby in Denver.

Read Zaccari’s story by following this link:

Jennifer had to cut her vacation short, had to rush to Zaccari’s bedside at the hospital. She’s been there since.

I’ve been in a similar situation late last year so I know a little bit what Jennifer’s going through. My daughter had an emergency surgery to her stomach in order to investigate a possible virus that caused the blockage of her intestines. During the whole ordeal, I turned to God through prayers, lots and lots of prayers. Praying the Rosary. It’s really mysterious how God can work his miracles in each of our lives. I believe that it’s through that hospital experience that I’ve become closer to Him. There were many more times when I’ve experienced God touch our lives. It is in this peace that I’m able to share this blessing to some friends that needed a little bit of Holy intervention.

As soon as I heard about Zaccari’s story, I immediately included him and Jennifer in our daily prayers. I thank God that He has allowed Zac to go through surgery with no complications. I am thankful to know that Zac is doing better.

Last week, Jennifer turned in her resignation. I felt sad because it was not expected. But in a way, I am happy because, she has nothing else to think of at the moment than take care of Zac. No work. Just be a mom.

In the meantime, I know that it will be a challenge not to have a job while someone in your family is recovering at the hospital. So I was trying to think of a way to help out. Sure we can always contribute some money. But I thought that I could do a bit more.

I’ve talked to some people who volunteer for charity work, like baking cupcakes for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. And immediately, it came to me.  I could take orders and give half of the sales to help Jennifer. Why not!

So here is my contribution, in my own little way, to help out Jennifer and Zac. If you have or someone you know has a special event to celebrate, or just simply has a sweet tooth, and would like to order cupcakes, or a cake,I urge you to contact me. I am offering my services by giving half of the sale towards funds for Jennifer and Zac. To all my friends, co-workers, students.

You may send me an email at and let me know what you want, when you want it. As a background, I am a Wilton Method Instructor; I teach cake decorating classes, and I also make cakes and cupcakes.

Follow the Flickr link on the side of this blog to see the cakes I’ve made so far.

For Zac and Jennifer!


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